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successful human communities are built on the pillars of human dignity, protection of life, and sexual ethics that align with human nature.


Axioma Center is a Christian think tank that strives to impact society through research, education, and media that are grounded in faith and reason. Our goal is to contribute to individual and social fulfillment, protect human dignity, and promote the common good. We work to advance a civilization of love where abortion is unthinkable and where children are protected from harmful content.

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Our work

Online pornography has ushered in an era that is unprecedented in the history of mankind. Over the past year, we have dedicated ourselves to advancing the cause of protecting children from harmful content on the internet. This work culminated in the publication of our very first study, “The Axiom of Online Child Protection: The Dangers of Internet Pornography and the Use of Age Verification.”

We recently hosted world-renowned apologist Matt Fradd, author of The Porn Myth and host of the Pints with Aquinas podcast, for a public talk in Budapest. He spoke to an audience of young professionals and parents on how to keep children safe from harmful content online.

Our team’s lectures help equip parents, spiritual leaders, and the next generation with the knowledge they need to combat the dangers of online pornography.

Meet the team:

Dr. Áron Giró-Szász

Founder & President

Dr. Norbert Filemon

Head of Research

Marcell Bakos

Researcher, Head of Animated Content

Dr. Enikő Gulyásné


Andrea Földi-Kovács

Host of Carpe Deum

Gergely Vágvölgyi

Host of Axioma Podcast, Senior Journalist

Bernadett Vidra


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